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By Qw4rtz on Jul 4, 2017 at 11:02 PM
  1. Qw4rtz

    Qw4rtz Eating visitors

    Aug 19, 2016
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    - Global site improvement
    • Enabled and forced use of HTTPS
    • Fixed a bug where some links on the forum weren't using HTTPS, making the site partially secure

    - Forum improvement

    - Improvement for the help forum
    • You can now choose the "best answer"
    - Forum improvements
    • Removed borders on images
    • Fixed a bug with the topbar
    • Fixed and updated the topbar links
    • Fixed the topbar dropdown on mobile version

    - Added the Staff Applications forum
    • Everyone can post their staff application, however only members of the Application Team can see everyone's posts

    - Wiki improvements
    • Fixed images not showing correctly (you may have to clean your browser cache using ctrl+F5 to see the changes)

    Moved the forums to a new board
    • The wiki is now integrated to the forum
    • Added a "groups" tab, where you can add your clans and make a private spaces for your clan members
    • Added a new chat, you can now use the chat everywhere on the forum, by using the chat bar at the bottom of your screen
    • Various Moderation Improvements
    • Added custom post ratings, you can now rate posts with more options
    • Added social logins, you can now login using your Google or Facebook accounts
    • Added 2 Factors Authentification
    • Added Discord widget in the sidebar
    • Added more features on profile pages, you can now post messages on your profile and others profiles
    • Added post prefixes for bug reports, change logs, appeals...
    • Added a better emoji system (now sorted by category)
    • Private messages improvements, conversations now looks better
    • Blurred the background image
    • Minor improvements for emails send by the forum
    • Various Administration Improvements
    • Added Facebook and Youtube official links at the bottom of the forum
    • Added multi-quotes system (once you selected the texts you want to quote, you can sort and use them in your replies)
    • If quotes are too long, they'll be truncated, you'll just have to click on them to view the full quotes
    • You can now change your username 30 days after registration and after the last username change, 10 times maximum (to do so, click here)
    • Added several spam preventions
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Discussion in 'Change Logs' started by Qw4rtz, Jul 4, 2017.

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