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By Qw4rtz on Apr 5, 2017 at 2:24 PM
  1. Qw4rtz

    Qw4rtz Eating visitors

    Aug 19, 2016
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    - Added "Clans" profile field to show your clans on your profile (by Elite)

    - Fixed bugs in the MCP (by Elite)

    - Added Server Staff group to identify server staff members even if they're not moderators on the forum (by Qw4rtz) (credits for the rank banner goes to Elite)

    - Added "Staff Rank" profile field to identify staff's rank on the server, you can now see staff ranks on their profiles or by clicking on their nicknames in forum posts (see) (by Qw4rtz)

    - Fixed group names showing twice on forum posts (before | after) (by Qw4rtz)

    - Fixed the clan field showing on user profiles & mini-profiles when this field was empty (by Qw4rtz)

    Change Log #17 07:10PM (UTC+2)

    - Removed 76 Skype licensed smilies to prevent legal issues (by Qw4rtz)

    - Added 1832 EmojiOne free-to-use smilies (by Qw4rtz) (License)

    - Fixed smilies size (by Qw4rtz)

    - Minor improvements (by Qw4rtz)

    ~ Changes made on the PayPal donation page ~

    - Added "clan tag" and "clan name" fields for clan purchases (by Qw4rtz)

    - Added a color picker for clan purchases (you can't choose Black, Red or White as these colors are restricted) (by Qw4rtz)

    - Added a "download link" field for clan bases, hydras... (by Qw4rtz)

    - Removed "Account Name" texts (by Qw4rtz)

    - Added placeholders in the form fields (by Qw4rtz)

    - Updated the Copyright (by Qw4rtz)

    ~ Changes made on the forum ~​
    - Added Spoilers with title BBCode (by Qw4rtz)
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Discussion in 'Change Logs' started by Qw4rtz, Apr 5, 2017.

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