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By Ryan on Jan 31, 2017 at 3:43 PM
  1. Ryan


    Aug 17, 2016
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    There are 3 prestige levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. One can earn the first prestige medal (Bronze) on crossing level 100 the first time, Silver the 2nd time and Gold the 3rd and last time. All weapon stats remain maxed out on unlocking them once, even if you start a new prestige level from level 1. Your prestige medal achievement will be displayed on the scoreboard beside your rank and on F1 > stats.

    There will be a lot more bonus features for players with prestige level 3 (Gold) medals such as exclusive vehicles, skins, permanent vips etc. But since these bonus features have not been added yet, it's not official as to what the exact features would be. You'll all be updates here once they are added.

    Following this update we've come to the decision of removing XP sharing among players in a party chat. It has to be understood that a player's skill is gained though his/her experience on the server and it makes no sense when one player boosts the XP of another player via party chat. This decision is better to be made knowing there are players who understand why it's being removed, hence, the poll above.
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Should XP sharing among players in the same party chat be removed?

Poll closed Mar 3, 2017.
  1. Yes

    25 vote(s)
  2. No

    15 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ryan, Jan 31, 2017.

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    1. W1CK3D
      :* Awesome bro !!!! But......WTF! U removing XP sharing ???? Damn RIP myself ....bro plz I can't stop u ...but...u should do this work slowly xDD i so I will try to get maximum members in my party ; D and lvl up quick before the update:D
    2. Slayer
      we really need this update to make the game harder and more fun. thanks ryan.
    3. LoneWanderer
      Hey Riain,
      I suggests that we should keep the XP sharing system,like the real purpose was for teaming banging fools together but some or mostly now,players have misused them like being static while other party members were committing genocide,i knew that but the sole purpose at the first place was for teaming.But then players starting to abuse it.So removing the XP sharing system should be considered,and you must inform of your actions as soon as you decide,or the most people will.
      pros of XP sharing
      + Local Language Chat
      + Hangout
      + Teaming

      - Idle players get XP
      - Miss-usage/abusing
      Well this is my opinion and it is should not be taken as a fact,you may leave your reply below.

      ** Edit
      If Democracy says yes,why not add Kill Assists with party,so only those who engaged in combat got the XP

    4. W1CK3D
      All wanna vote out XP sharing??? -_-
    5. Elite
      Added a new extension that shows the voters and has more options to it enjoy

    6. bully
      Permanent VIPs for free? I dont suggest that should be there... If its not for free then its k. Anyways Elite you need to add me to the usergroups VIP
    7. Spider
      Well, I have voted " No " accidentally 8-) 8-) I'm against XP sharing among players in the same party chat. :D
    8. Rapper
      XP sharing is maybe the highest reason to do a party chat, I can see the improvements in this decision, but there are lots of players who can't get a kill for different reasons and they need to be boosted at certain level to get a nice skill. We, the ''old players', know all the things that can be used to get kills and some new players don't get our references, we can show them of course, but it takes time.
      I vote ''No'' because in spite we all can see the improvement in taking this decision, I think about new players and those who truly can't or don't know how to get a kill.
      But the new rank system (Bronze, Silver, Gold) I'm totally into it.
      I hope you can get my opinion.
      Btw, gl & hf.
    9. Ryan
      Good idea. The kill assist feature is in fact a good alternative for a legitimate team deathmatch.
    10. W1CK3D
      Ryan it would have been good for the new players if u increase the EXP we get on killing a Silver and gold player as...they would be pro and.....now its certainly soo hard to lvl up as I am only getting 100+ exp for killing pros who have maxed out status....... (y)
    11. Ryan
      No, if you kill any prestige level player, you get the same XP you get for killing a level 100 player.
    12. W1CK3D
    13. Bach07
      Great Idea for an Update, but...
      I think removing XP sharing is not a good idea.
      However this is my opinion and if you don't agree...
      (y) (y) (y)
    14. Daithi
      Hey Ryan.

      I was hoping you could bring back the Kill Assist feature. But this time with some reforms like

      #1 Kill assist only applies if you're in the same party/clan as the person who you assisted.
      #2 Kill assist XP is divided on the basis of damage dealt whilst concurring to rule #1
      #3 Kill assist wont apply if 80% of damage dealt was by another person. In this scenario, the other person gets all XP instead of the killer. This is again in concurrence with rule #1
    15. Skyress
      The new experience system is cool for higher ranks as the game has not finished there, there are 200 more levels to go. Enjoy yourself :D
    16. Elite
      Topic locked
      Reason: Poll ended
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