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By Elite on Oct 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM
  1. Elite

    Retired Staff

    Aug 17, 2016
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    Updated the donation page (Thanks to Ryan for the images and the Idea)
    Made the donation page responsive
    Added a thanks for posts system which includes Thanks count and top thanked users
    Edit: Added notifications for thanks on posts
    -Changed the forum colors
    -Changed the alpha of the whole forum
    -Updated the mchat and changed the colors plus changed the icon colors
    -Updated the search bar
    -Updated the quick login and the normal login
    -Changed the whole forum colors
    Added a new Wiki page (Credits goes to Qwartz for coding and Ryan for images and Elite for helping with the theme colors)
    Updated the view profile
    Re-added the copyrights
    Updated the searched keywords highlight
    Updated the quick reply (Thanks to Qwartz)
    #1 Elite, Oct 7, 2016
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Discussion in 'Change Logs' started by Elite, Oct 7, 2016.

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