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1. All purchases and donations are considered final and non-refundable. SAAF shall not refund any monies unless it finds an unusual circumstance to do so.

2. SAAF has the right to punish a purchasing/donating player for any rule if found violated. Paying players will have to follow the same rules followed by normal players.

3. SAAF has the right to revoke the VIP of a player if found to be causing damage to the server in any way.

4. Once purchased, the VIP will not be transfered from one person to another nor revoked under normal circumstances unless the occurence of an unusual scenario which is resolved by the personel in-charge.

5. SAAF has the right to dismiss players from a clan if found any involvement of the clan in server damaging activities.

6. SAAF has the right to delete or suspend a clan if the leader is found to be involved in any kind of server damaging activities.

7. Once purchased, the owner of a clan shall always be the same account when it was created upon and shall not be changed in any circumstances.

8. SAAF cannot be held responsible for a clan owner leaving his clan at his own will. The clan remains abandoned until an agreement is made by the personnel in-charge.

9. Once purchased, the details of the clan cannot be changed unless an unusual circumstance occurs, or an agreement has been made with the personnel in-charge.

10. Once purchased, the hydra skin/clan player skin will only be added once and will not be changed under any circumstances unless an agreement is made by the personnel in-charge. Players should test their skins prior to sending them.

11. Once purchased, the clan base will only be added once and will not be changed under any circumstances. Players should test their base prior to sending them. If the base level is being upgraded, the additional features will be applied to the existing base. A new base will not be added for a base level upgrade, for that a new base has to be purchased.

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