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Your donation for the VIP rank on our server has been completed successfully. Your VIP will be added as soon as the donation is confirmed (usually within an hour max.). You can also contact any staff member in-game regarding the donation, contact us via Facebook by clicking here or you can contact the owner directly by clicking here. Please be sure to add your PayPal email address and PayPal name in the message to make the confirmation quicker.

You will now have access to the following VIP features:

  • Music/Sound Tracks This feature allows you to play short music/sounds in-game. To use it, type /music <music name> in the local chat (T). You can also see the available sound tracks using /musiclist.
  • VIP Bases As a VIP you will have access to 2 VIP-exclusive bases. To teleport to a VIP base, you can type /vipbase <base number>.
  • Jetpack You will find jetpacks in the 1st VIP base, to teleport there use /vipbase 1.
  • Exclusive Vehicles You can now have access to Hydra & Rhino without the need for a clan base lvl 2 for FREE!
  • Free Vehicles You do not have to pay for Rustler, Hunter or Seasparrow, it's all FREE!
  • Free Armour You will now get free full armour every time you respawn!
  • VIP rank on the forum As a VIP you will be able to request for VIP rank on the forum. To do so, click HERE and apply for the VIP rank. As soon as your VIP membership is verified by a Moderator, you will receive your forum VIP rank. You can also contact them in-game to claim it (you must have received your in-game VIP rank in order to be able to be given your forum VIP rank).
  • Green V emblem As a VIP you will have 'V' emblem which turns green on earning max reputation points (75).
  • Revive your clan mates (NEW) As a VIP you will be able to revive your clan mates by pressing N or typing /revive.
  • More features coming soon Subscribe to our Facebook Page to receive news about our incoming features!

For further assistance feel free to contact any staff member in-game. ;)
Thank you for your donation, this will help us rent & upgrade our servers (game & web) :D

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