Hello there,

Your donation for other items on our server has been completed successfully. Your item will be added as soon as the donation is confirmed (usually within an hour max.). You can also contact any staff member in-game regarding the donation, contact us via Facebook by clicking here or you can contact the owner directly by clicking here. Please be sure to add your PayPal email address and PayPal name in the message to make the confirmation quicker.

If you donated for the experience package, you will get:
  • +376450 experience added to your account You must be in-game and logged in to receive it.
If you donated for the reputation reset package, you will get:
  • Your reputation set to zero (0.00)
If you donated for the in-game money package, you will get:
  • $5,000,000 added to your account
  • More features coming soon
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For further assistance feel free to contact any staff member in-game. ;)
Thanks for your donation, this will help us rent & upgrade our servers (game & web) :D

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