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Introducing the brand new SAAF Clan Base System; a clan can now either have a level-1 or level-2 base on purchase.

The base features are as follows:

> Level-1 Base :~

- Can have a base with a maximum of 75 objects.
- Can have one command scripted gate (Common exit/entrance).
- Can have only 1 spawnpoint in which members can respawn after death.

NOTE: Level-1 Base does not support any sort of weapon/health/armour/vehicle pickups. So do not add them while mapping.

> Level-2 Base :~

- Can have a base with a maximum of 150 objects.
- Can have up to two command scripted gates (Common exit/entrance and other rooms if any).
- Can have 2 spawnpoints in which members can respawn after death.
- Can have Health & Armour pickups for the clan members.
- Can have special weapon pickups like HS/Rocket launcher.
- Can have a special 'drink' feature in it's base along with a bar which allows members to get drunk and simulates a drunk effect for 60 seconds.
- Can have a custom base radio that can be modified using a GUI. Players can play custom music using http links or choose from a list of pre-defined radio stations in their base. Players can also stream their own radios in their base and their radio will be saved.
- All Level-2 Bases can have upto 2 special SAAF Clan Vehicle Spawners. These vehicle spawners allow the members of the clan to spawn some exclusive vehicles for free.
The vehicle spawners contain the following vehicles:
-Free vehicles for all members:
Rustler, Hunter & Sea Sparrow
-Paid vehicles for all members (including non-VIPs):
Hydra, Rhino
The SAAF vehicle spawner GUI allows you to destroy your previously spawned vehicles as well.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you place the objects properly while mapping and none of them...



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Ban list cleared. (250 bans)
Many serials might get auto-banned on joining, don't worry you'll be unbanned if you join before Monday (22-08-2016). No one will be unbanned after that.
For account renewals/unsuspensions contact me on Facebook (Ryan Thomas).

Note: Only those accounts suspended for rule #12.1 will be considered.

Added forum rules
Added a FAQ management extension
Added User Ranks
Added 3 new User Groups

Donation page updated
-Added 2 new items to the other payments (+75 Rep / +5$ Million in game money)
-Removed 1 item (Hydra skin change)
-Added a Facebook page button
-Edited the forum rules
Added copyrights for the forums on the footer