Event VIP GIVEAWAY 3 months (November 2018)

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Hello everyone, today we made an event for "NON VIP MEMBERS", it's powered by [TE]Hali.

The idea is very simple:

Everyone from non vip members is going to Drop your in-game nick in comments section and i will type everyone's nick in a paper and putting all of them in small box. once i pick all the nicks i am going to shake the box for 10 secs for making all papers rolling inside to pick the winner (without looking at the box ofc).

The winner will be announced on 7th November

Be a lucky man and win our giveaway. ;)

Good luck Everyone :D

ATTENTION! Do not put your in-game nick if you are vip already or otherwise you will be DISQUALIFIED from joining any giveaway events. Please respect...

Site Change Log #10 ~ 04/2018

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- Removed everyone's permanent VIP rank on the forum
- Added a form to request VIP rank here
- Your VIP rank on the forum will now expire at the same time as your in-game rank does


- (Spam Prevention) Banned 7,038 email domains

Site Change Log #9 ~ 03/2018

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- When you mention a member, his/her name will now have the color of the forum rank (s)he belong to.
- Added the server IP under the "Connect Now" button, clicking on it will copy it in your clipboard.

Event VIP Giveaway (February 2018)

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Hello players,

Today I offer you a chance to get 1 year of VIP for free! All you have to do is to fill this form:

Everyone has the same percentage of chance to win (if you meet the requirements stated in the form), the winner is chosen by a software, not by a human.

The form submissions will be closed on Tuesday 13 February 2018, and the result will be given on Wednesday 14 February 2018. A delay may occur between the result and the receipt of the VIP, but the donation has already been sent to @Ryan, so don't be worried ;).

Congratulations to Deadpool for winning the giveaway!

Site Change Log #7 ~ 01/2018

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- Forum software updated to it's latest stable version
- New theme, based on Material Design by Google
- New threads in the help forum will have a feature to vote for the best answers (the thread starter will be able to mark an answer as the best answer)
- The donation page is now located at (the old link, will redirect to the new link)
- Updated the forum chat
- Updated the forum groups (you must have the clan owner rank to be able to create groups)
- Added Discord integration: you can now register/login using your discord account
- Removed Facebook integration
- Permissions fixes


- Added a "Connect Now" in the sidebar of the main forum page
- Various fixes


- Minor improvements
- Spam prevention updates
- Added the Media Gallery

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