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Event VIP Giveaway (February 2018)

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Hello players,

Today I offer you a chance to get 1 year of VIP for free! All you have to do is to fill this form:

Everyone has the same percentage of chance to win (if you meet the requirements stated in the form), the winner is chosen by a software, not by a human.

The form submissions will be closed on Tuesday 13 February 2018, and the result will be given on Wednesday 14 February 2018. A delay may occur between the result and the receipt of the VIP, but the donation has already been sent to @Ryan, so don't be worried ;).

Congratulations to Deadpool for winning the giveaway!

Site Change Log #7 ~ 01/2018

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- Forum software updated to it's latest stable version
- New theme, based on Material Design by Google
- New threads in the help forum will have a feature to vote for the best answers (the thread starter will be able to mark an answer as the best answer)
- The donation page is now located at (the old link, will redirect to the new link)
- Updated the forum chat
- Updated the forum groups (you must have the clan owner rank to be able to create groups)
- Added Discord integration: you can now register/login using your discord account
- Removed Facebook integration
- Permissions fixes


- Added a "Connect Now" in the sidebar of the main forum page
- Various fixes


- Minor improvements
- Spam prevention updates
- Added the Media Gallery

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