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Information Server Host Upgrade
We're happy to inform you all that we've moved the server successfully. You can join us again by searching for "SAAF" on the master server list or quick connecting to mtasa://

We can trust the current host and server configuration to be able to mitigate most of the attacks we've been the target of lately.

Core server specifications for the geeks out there:

CPU: Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c / 8t - 4.7GHz /5.00GHz
RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
Storage: SoftRaid 2x480GB SSD
Bandwidth: 1 Gbps (Unlimited traffic)

We thank you for your patience.
  • Added [IP] BB Code, which allow automatic update of the server IP when it change.
  • Added some medias for the media BB Code, such as imgur.
  • Updated some forum rank banners.
  • Getting things ready for future updates.
  • Replaced the wiki with a better one, where you can now translate wiki pages to your own language.
Here is the list of rewards for the first 15 people to reach prestige level 3:

∙ The first 1-5 players:- 1 year VIP subscription
∙ The next 6-10 players:- 6 months VIP subscription
∙ The next 11-15 players:- 3 months VIP subscription

Updated on [16-09-2017]
:trophy: Top list :trophy:

1. Joseph (22-05-2017)
2. Raptor (11-06-2017)
3. Scaatmaann (04-08-2017)
4. Nixoo (04-08-2017)
5. Lotfi (15-09-2017)
- Global site improvement
  • Enabled and forced use of HTTPS
  • Fixed a bug where some links on the forum weren't using HTTPS, making the site partially secure

- Forum improvement

- Improvement for the help forum
  • You can now choose the "best answer"
- Forum improvements
  • Removed borders on images
  • Fixed a bug with the topbar
  • Fixed and updated the topbar links
  • Fixed the topbar dropdown on mobile version

- Added the Staff Applications forum
  • Everyone can post their staff application, however only members of the Application Team can see everyone's posts

- Wiki improvements
  • Fixed images not showing correctly (you may have to clean your browser cache using ctrl+F5 to see the changes)

Moved the forums to a new board
  • The wiki is now integrated to the forum
  • Added a "groups" tab, where you can add your clans and make a private spaces for your clan members
  • Added a new chat, you can now use the chat everywhere on the forum, by using the chat bar at the bottom of your screen
  • Various Moderation Improvements
  • Added custom post ratings, you can now rate posts with more options
  • Added social logins, you can now login using your Google or Facebook accounts
  • Added 2 Factors Authentification
  • Added Discord widget in the sidebar
  • Added more features on profile pages, you can now post messages on your profile and others profiles
  • Added post prefixes for bug reports, change logs, appeals...
  • Added a better emoji system (now sorted by category)
  • Private messages improvements, conversations now looks better...
- Changed the "OP" tag introduced in update #19

- Added different style on the first post of a topic

- Added mentioning system
  • Now show a list of users when using @ to mention someone
  • Clicking on someone's username autocomplete the mention
  • Mentioned user will appear with it's rank color

Introducing the Support Center:

- Moved the Reports forum to the Support Center
  • Restricted non-staffs from viewing others reports (Only forum staff members and members of the Server Staff group can see everyone's topics in the Reports forum)
  • Updated the forum icon to match the other icons (flat design)

- Added the Help forum in the Support Center
  • You can mark your questions as [Solved] by clicking on "Accept this answer"
  • A topic marked as solved will automatically be locked

- Added the Appeals forum in the Support Center
  • Restricted non-staffs from viewing others appeals (Only forum staff members and members of the Server Staff group can see everyone's topics in the Appeals forum)

- Updated icons of the Suggestions forum, Clan Applications forum and Just for fun forum.

- Updated gamestate sever status (Elite)
  • Added the new server IP address
  • Updated the colors to match the theme
- Limited signature maximum height to 250 pixels
  • When the signature reach this limit, a scrollbar is shown
- Added "Clans" profile field to show your clans on your profile (by Elite)

- Fixed bugs in the MCP (by Elite)

- Added Server Staff group to identify server staff members even if they're not moderators on the forum (by Qw4rtz) (credits for the rank banner goes to Elite)

- Added "Staff Rank" profile field to identify staff's rank on the server, you can now see staff ranks on their profiles or by clicking on their nicknames in forum posts (see) (by Qw4rtz)

- Fixed group names showing twice on forum posts (before | after) (by Qw4rtz)

- Fixed the clan field showing on user profiles & mini-profiles when this field was empty (by Qw4rtz)

Change Log #17 07:10PM (UTC+2)

- Removed 76 Skype licensed smilies to prevent legal issues (by Qw4rtz)

- Added 1832 EmojiOne free-to-use smilies (by Qw4rtz) (License)

- Fixed smilies size (by Qw4rtz)

- Minor improvements (by Qw4rtz)

~ Changes made on the PayPal donation page ~

- Added "clan tag" and "clan name" fields for clan purchases (by Qw4rtz)

- Added a color picker for clan purchases (you can't choose Black, Red or White as these colors are restricted) (by Qw4rtz)

- Added a "download link" field for clan bases, hydras... (by Qw4rtz)

- Removed "Account Name" texts (by Qw4rtz)

- Added placeholders in the form fields (by Qw4rtz)

- Updated the Copyright (by Qw4rtz)

There are 3 prestige levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. One can earn the first prestige medal (Bronze) on crossing level 100 the first time, Silver the 2nd time and Gold the 3rd and last time. All weapon stats remain maxed out on unlocking them once, even if you start a new prestige level from level 1. Your prestige medal achievement will be displayed on the scoreboard beside your rank and on F1 > stats.

There will be a lot more bonus features for players with prestige level 3 (Gold) medals such as exclusive vehicles, skins, permanent vips etc. But since these bonus features have not been added yet, it's not official as to what the exact features would be. You'll all be updates here once they are added.

Following this update we've come to the decision of removing XP sharing among players in a party chat. It has to be understood that a player's skill is gained though his/her experience on the server and it makes no sense when one player boosts the XP of another player via party chat. This decision is better to be made knowing there are players who understand why it's being removed, hence, the poll above.
Try out our new Wiki extension which can be navigated to by clicking the 'Wiki' button on the top or visit http://saaf.tk/wiki/.
All of the helpful stuff will be added there so that players can find it quickly.

Updated the donation page (Thanks to Ryan for the images and the Idea)
Made the donation page responsive
Added a thanks for posts system which includes Thanks count and top thanked users
Edit: Added notifications for thanks on posts
-Changed the forum colors
-Changed the alpha of the whole forum
-Updated the mchat and changed the colors plus changed the icon colors
-Updated the search bar
-Updated the quick login and the normal login
-Changed the whole forum colors
Added a new Wiki page (Credits goes to Qwartz for coding and Ryan for images and Elite for helping with the theme colors)
Updated the view profile
Re-added the copyrights
Updated the searched keywords highlight
Updated the quick reply (Thanks to Qwartz)
Introducing the brand new SAAF Clan Base System; a clan can now either have a level-1 or level-2 base on purchase.

The base features are as follows:

> Level-1 Base :~

- Can have a base with a maximum of 75 objects.
- Can have one command scripted gate (Common exit/entrance).
- Can have only 1 spawnpoint in which members can respawn after death.

NOTE: Level-1 Base does not support any sort of weapon/health/armour/vehicle pickups. So do not add them while mapping.

> Level-2 Base :~

- Can have a base with a maximum of 150 objects.
- Can have up to two command scripted gates (Common exit/entrance and other rooms if any).
- Can have 2 spawnpoints in which members can respawn after death.
- Can have Health & Armour pickups for the clan members.
- Can have special weapon pickups like HS/Rocket launcher.
- Can have a special 'drink' feature in it's base along with a bar which allows members to get drunk and simulates a drunk effect for 60 seconds.
- Can have a custom base radio that can be modified using a GUI. Players can play custom music using http links or choose from a list of pre-defined radio stations in their base. Players can also stream their own radios in their base and their radio will be saved.
- All Level-2 Bases can have upto 2 special SAAF Clan Vehicle Spawners. These vehicle spawners allow the members of the clan to spawn some exclusive vehicles for free.
The vehicle spawners contain the following vehicles:
-Free vehicles for all members:
Rustler, Hunter & Sea Sparrow
-Paid vehicles for all members (including non-VIPs):
Hydra, Rhino
The SAAF vehicle spawner GUI allows you to destroy your previously spawned vehicles as well.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you place the objects properly while mapping and none of them...